Alyssa Milano calls for ‘’Sex Strike”


Policenama Online : Last week the US state of Georgia passed abortion laws that wind back some of the hard-fought reproductive rights won through America’s landmark abortion case Roe v Wade.

The new legislation restricts abortion once “cardiac activity” can be detected. Since this usually occurs at around six weeks of pregnancy – at which point many are unaware they are pregnant – the legislation effectively outlaws abortion.

The introduction of these laws and similar legislation across states has been met with fierce criticism from feminists, reproductive choice activists and medical professionals alike.

In a move reminiscent of her role in the #MeToo movement Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter encouraging women to go on a “sex strike’’ in protest.

She later tweeted, “Protect your vaginas, ladies. Men in positions of power are trying to legislate them.” But a sex strike to protest the “men in positions of power” excludes lesbians, among other people, entirely. Or is it OK in Milano’s view to have sex with a partner who can’t impregnate you? And what if you actually want to get pregnant?


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