Amruntanjan Bridge off Pune-Mumbai Expressway on the verge of its end


Policenama Online : While the proposal for demolition of Amrutanjan bridge in Khandala Ghaat off Pune-Mumbai-Pune Expressway had received a flak from citizens, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has begun the process for tendering out the demolition work.

The bridge is slated for demolition as it is no longer convenient for the traffic, and is one of the major spots for traffic congestion as well as accidents on the Expressway.

While the MSRDC had asked for suggestions and objections regarding demolition from the public two years ago, they had received 24 objections. The people proposed that instead of being demolished, the 189-year-old bridge built during the British times must receive ‘heritage’ status, and an alternative road should be found instead. MSRDC had also appointed a committee to look into the same.

However, considering the growing number of accidents at the spot where old Pune-Mumbai Highway and the Expressway has concerned the authorities enough to start the process to take the bridge down.

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