Petrol tanker falls off bridge in the Warje


Policenama Online :  In a shocking incident, a petrol tanker fell off the bridge in Warje. The incident took place at around 10 am today (May 15).

The tanker took a fall on the Service Road near Sinhagad College in Warje. The accident has instilled fear amongst the locals in the area, as the petrol from the tanker came out and spread on the road.

Fire brigade has been dispatched to take charge of the situation, and bring it under control.

The tanker, that came from that Katraj-Dehu Road Bypass road, was heading towards Mumbai. The accident took place as the driver lost his control over the vehicle. The tanker contained petrol as well as diesel.

As the tanker fell on the service road, there is no traffic congestion on the highway. Police personnel too are present on the site.

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