Three Women on morning walk die in a hit and run case


Policenama Online : Three women on their morning walk near the Kalyan Highway in Udapur village have lost their lives in a hit and run case this morning.

The women were hit by an unidentified vehicle at around 5:45 am, near Hotel Kukdu Kook.

The three victims Mirabai Sadam Dhamale, Kamlabai Mahadu Dhamale and Sagunabai Baban Gaykar, died on the spot. One of the victims is the mother of the Zilla Parishad member of Otur Pimpripendhar Mohit Dhamale.

As usual, the three women were taking their morning walk, and were heading towards Udapur passing the Nagar-Kalyan Highway, when the accident claimed their lives.

Assistant police inspector of Otur Ramesh Khune paid visit to the accident site, and is investigating the case further.

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