Vasai’s naka workers to protest for clean washrooms in their area


Policenama Online : The Construction and Naka Labourers Union in Mumbai, on Friday (May 17), have planned march on the Vasai Road Municipal Council, in order to claim their rights to hygienic sanitation.

While the naka labourers, as the name suggests, gather at a particular spot every morning from 6 am to 11 pm, to be picked up by the contractors for work. As there is a huge competition, it is impossible for them to move away from the spot even for a minute. However, the unavailability of a public washroom in the vicinity is posing to be a huge challenge in front of them.

The woman labourers, especially, are having a hard time finding a good hygienic washroom. While the workers have been demanding a new washroom in the vicinity for quite some time, that has not yet happened.

The workers will be marching towards the Vasai Road Municipal Council at 10 am on Friday, to protest to raise their demands.

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