Alert sounded after leopard sighting on CQAE campus near Sangvi


Policenama Online : After some officers saw a wild cat, Leopard, on the premises of Controllerate Of Quality Assurance (CQAE),Aundh Camp, an alert has been issued. The residents of the campus have been asked to remain alert. CQAE is situated on the bank of Mula river near Aundh and Sangvi.

Around 9.30 am on May 13, some officers saw the leopard behind the Defence Standardisation Cell office building. Accordingly, the security section of CQAE issued a circular on May 14 and asked the residents to remain alert.

“All the officers and staffs are advised to remain alert and not to go in lonely areas particularly beyond MT and Laboratory division”, the circular states.

Officials are checking CCTV footage’s of the campus to find if the leopard has been captured by cameras.

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