Congress leader arrested for demanding sex from student


Chandrapur, Maharashtra : Policenama Online – The district police have arrested from Congress MLA and district president Subhash Dhote and his brother Arun Dhote for allegedly demanding sex from a girl student of his institute.

Subhash Dhote is president of Kalyan Institute of Nursing. Based on complaint from the victim, an FIR has been registered against six persons including Dhote brothers.

As per the FIR registered by second year student of ANM, Prof Gururaj Kulkarni used to pass lewd comments. When she complained to Subhash Dhote, but he ignored the complaint.

On the night of October 29,2018, Kulkarni and two others tried to rape her in the hostel. She called her brother. On October 30, they went to Rajura police station to register FIR but Arun Dhote forcefully took them to Subhash Dhote at his house. They threatened to destroy her academic record and also kill her.

On the next day, she was removed from the hostel. She rented a flat. She realised that she was being stalked and somebody kept watch on her room. Therefore, she left the room.

On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Maheshwar Reddy, the case was registered and Dhote brothers have been arrested.

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