Swine flu: Six patients on Ventilator support


Pune : Policenama Online – The condition of three patients found infected with swine flu and is currently critical. They all are undergoing treatment at private hospital in Pune city.

“All the three patients with swine flu have been put on ventilator support. They have tested positive for the H1N1.’’ Said a health official of Pune Municipal Corporation.

As many as 136 patients have tested positive for the contagion in the city so far this year. Of them, 43 patients have succumbed to the virus related complications.

Swine flu is a respiratory infection. It exploits a weakened immune system to attack major organs, especially lungs. When it gets into the lungs, it can lead to pneumonia, which can be fatal.

Swine flu symptoms in people are similar to the symptoms of regular seasonal influenza and include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and coughing.

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