Express trains seats being sold for Rs 100 illegally


Mumbai : Policenama Online – A video of seat for sale in Express trains leaving Mumbai is going viral on social media. This type of fraud is going on for many years as no action is taken even after complaining to railway authorities.

The red uniform coolie ‘captures’ seats near windows and then ‘sell’ them for Rs 100 and above. A video of this incident has created sensation on internet. The video is from Hyderabad Express at Dadar Railway Station, in which a person wearing a red shirt in a General coach shows a Rs 100 to sell the seat near window.

General Coach passengers stand in queues to board the trains. In both hands, the passenger carries luggage and also accompanied by family members. The coolies push them aside and get inside the train first and then occupy seats which they sell later. In the video a person is shouting, “Come on brother … seat is available only for Rs 100″.

As the railway administration officials are hands in glove with such persons, it’s the passengers who suffer.

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