Pune gets its first cyber police station


Pune : Policenama Online – Now it’s Pune, to gets its first police station after Mumbai got its independent police station to fight cybercrime.

Earlier it was cops to obtain approval from the court to register cases of cybercrime. But now onwards, cops can also register cases against them independently.

Pune experienced a large number of cybercrimes. In 2018 alone. 5,524 cases were filed, of these 4,222 applications were investigated and directed to respective police stations.

The cyber police had no right to file criminal cases. But now after receiving a complaint, an application was investigated. Thereafter, the application used to be sent to the police stations to file the complaint.

Sambhaji Kadam, deputy commissioner, cyber cell, said, “The cybercrime police station got the right to register cases of crime after the court granted permission.

Two cases have been registered on the first day after the cyber police station got the right to file cases.

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