Internet-connected devices put kids at greater risks


London: Policenama online: Forget screen addiction as there is a new threat to keeping children safe in the digital era: Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

According to researchers, children need protection when using programmable Internet computing devices in a digital world where everyday objects contain sensors and stream data to and from the Internet.

The risks can include peer-to-peer abuse or bullying, dangers of abuse by adults, as well as risks related to the use, exploitation, commercialisation, or insecure management of any data the children generate by using the devices, warn Lancaster University scientists.

Children are also getting hands-on — using small-scale easy-to-programme devices such as the “BBC micro:bit” to experiment and get creative with digital technologies.

Unless properly considered, Internet-connected devices can present risks to children and others around them.

“Children who are learning to programme IoT devices still have critical gaps in their understanding of privacy and security,” said doctor Bran Knowles from Lancaster University’s school of computing and communications.

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