Now, fine for littering and creating nuisance in Maha

 Pune, Policenama online – The Maharashtra government has now framed by-laws to ensure proper disposal of garbage and maintaining hygienic conditions in the cities.The government has also imposed fines for littering and creating nuisance at public places. The by-laws have come into effect since July 1. Last year, the government had asked all municipal corporations to frame the by-laws. Since, they failed to do so, the Maharashtra government has framed them itself.
Residential properties would have to pay Rs 60 per month charge for collection of waste according to the newly implemented by-laws.
The Maharashtra government has decided to impose charge of Rs 90 per month for commercial properties.The rates are Rs 120 for hospitals, Rs 90 for educational institutions, religious institutions and offices and Rs 300 for wedding halls. Rs 180 has been decided for hawkers. Restaurants and hotels will have to pay only Rs 120 and Rs 150 per month for collection of garbage respectively. The rates will be hiked by 5 per cent every year.

According to the by-laws, people will have to pay fine of Rs 500 for burning waste. People will now have to pay Rs 60 for creating nuisance in public places, according to the by-laws.
The Maharashtra government has specified that solid waste can only be carried in vehicles that are designed to cover the waste, and loaded in a way that prevents any of it from falling off.

The new by-laws also bar anyone from cooking, bathing, spitting, urinating, defecating, feeding animals or birds in any public place, except in public facilities specifically provided for any of these purposes.

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