Girl reject sexual advances, Man kills her


Policenama Online – Man visited at girlfriend home and killed her for rejecting his sexual advances. Surendra, 29, was in a relationship with the 19-year-old victim and knew her family.

Surendra went to her home and gave alcohol to her grandmother and father. When they went to sleep he tried to get into physical relationship, but she said no and he stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

Victim’s father later registered a police complaint and her body was sent for post mortem. Case registered under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code

Police conducted an inquiry and apprehended Surendra on the basis of the victim’s father.

According to his confession, Surendra had been dating the victim for a while and the two were in a physical relationship. But she refused to have sex with him a few days ago. Miffed with rejection, he went to her house with a knife to force her. But her family was there, so he gave them alcohol and waited till they fell asleep. Once they did, he went in her room and tried to force himself upon her, but when she resisted, he stabbed her to death and fled.

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