Temple in Karnataka worship Mahatma Gandhi


 Mangaluru, Policenama Online – Aim to spread love.the message of peace, non-violence and communal harmony espoused by Mahatma Gandhi, devotees offer prayers to his statue at a temple in Mangaluru’s garodi area.

Prayers, along with tea, coffee and bananas are rendred to Gandhi’s idol by the temple priest at Shri Bramha Baidarkala Kshetra, three times a day. Like other deities, Bapu also has a separate small temple for him.

“In 1948, there was a separate shrine built for him and in 2006, his statue was recreated. Youth are inspired by him,” said Prakash Garodi, a devotee.

The temple is cleaned fortnightly by the devotee to spread the awareness about the sanitation.

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