80 charged after riots at Malta migrant centre


Valletta, Policenama Online – Eighty migrants were arraigned in court in Malta, charged with having participated in Sunday’s riots at their detention centre, which saw cars set ablaze and offices trashed.Several police officers were injured during the riots on Tuesday, which are understood to have broken out after the police were sent in to apprehend a group of rowdy drunken inmates, Xinhua news agency reported.

Nearly 300 men were arrested, according to the Malta Today newspaper.In court on Tuesday, the 80 migrants, from Africa mostly, were charged in three large groups. Most of them were accused of disobeying lawful orders and breaching the peace, with eight alleged ringleaders also being accused of arson and criminal damage, amongst other charges.Sixteen of those charged with disobeying lawful orders and breaching the peace pleaded guilty and were jailed for six weeks. The remainder all denied the charges but were denied bail.



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