Shivsena and NCP to apply 50 – 50 formula to lead the Maharashtra government ?

New Delhi: Policenama Online –  On Wednesday 20 November,  many political meetings were held in Delhi. NCP chief Sharad Pawar and PM Narendra Modi also had a meeting about, who will be getting the chair of Cm of Maharashtra. NCP and Congress both political parties had their meetings overnight.  It is also said that they will take more time and will continue to have their meetings for more few days.
After the meeting, it is concluded that both political parties have similar opinions. They do not have any opposition to have Shivsena for the lead for 2 and a half year which will be then continued by NCP, due to this State will soon have its government and will get stable, says MP Sanjay Raut.
The meeting of NCP and Congress was held in the house of NCP’s Chief Sharad Pawar where all the politicians of NCP and Congress came together for the meeting. After the meeting, Congress politicians will also meet President of Congress Party Sonia Gandhi. Then they will also be meeting Chief Sharad Pawar. It also said that MP Sanjay Raut will also be meeting NCP Chief Sharad Pawar.
Congress is also thinking about its image as Shivsena and NCP will be sharing the lead in the state for 2 and a half years partly but Sonia Gandhi President od Congress party has told the politicians of her party that, ‘do not rush for everything, take patiently. ‘
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