Two Managers arrested from Swami Nityananda’s Ashram

New Delhi : Policenama Online – Pranpriya and Tatvapriya the two managers of Swami Nityananda’s Ashram were arrested on Wednesday.  The police raided the Ashram in Ahmedabad after they got to know about the harassment to the children in the Ashram.
A man from Tamil Nadu who had enrolled his 4 children in Bengaluru in Nityananda’s Ashram were taken to Ahmedabad without his permission. The man informed the police about this and the police raided the premises and arrested the two managers Pranpriya and Tatvapriya who confined, kidnapped and tortured the children there. The girls are 13 years old, the girls were freed from Ashram when they confessed about the tortures they faced.
The children were used to increase their income by begging or asking for the donations. Police are trying to find out whether Swami Nityananda is also involved in the mischief or is unaware of it, so Swami Nityananda will also be inquired about it.   The children were confined in the Ashram. The children restricted to move out from premises without their permission. The police have found the keys of the Ashram.
The police inquired almost 40 members of the Ashram about the incidence in the Ashram. The members confessed about this that, the girls were being harassed. Now the police are still on the march to get the conclusion whether Swami Nityananda is part of this or not?
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