Five powerful mantras for the successful life

Pune: Policenama Online –  Life is all about successful career, happy relationships that include love, care, loyalty, humanity for the one’s they love and for the one’s we meet. And successful life is all about having everything on the right path and keeping your near ones happy. For getting a successful life, you need to have principles in life. Bhagwadgeeta teaches you to be principled in life. Bhagwadgeeta always teaches to be principles in life for the betterment of future. So we are going to discuss 5 important things that Bhagwatgeeta teaches us to remember in every situation of life.
1) Do not be doubtful about every person you meet. This ruins the relations.
2) Lust,  anger and greed in any situation or for any thing can never give you happy life. You need to be satisfied with what you in life.
     You need to learn to be happy with your life has served you. You should try to control your feelings.
3) Everything has an end, it may be happy or sad but if you are taking birth on this planet,  it is for sure to have death. The things that are perpetual, that are never going to change or end this is the life cycle.  So you should always learn to accept the truth without having any grievances or regrets in life.
4) In the concluding parts of Geeta, it is said that if you are an intelligent, smart human you should always try to make your surroundings intelligent and smart. Make them understand and help them grow. Society Welfare can be the best contributions through anyone’s life to the society.
5) Geeta also teaches that when you chant god’s name and have death, you straight go into the heaven.
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