Why did Sharad Pawar refused to accept Narendra Modi’s offer ?

Mumbai: Policenama Online – During the political battles between the political parties had many meetings for bringing their parties at the lead. Before Shivsena – NCP – Congress taking the lead to govern the Maharashtra state. Sharad Pawar and PM Narendra Modi had a meeting regarding this and PM Narendra Modi gave a offer to Sharad Pawar.
PM Narendra Modi offered to work together NCP – BJP  for making the  lead in the state government but Sharad Pawar refused to accept this offer.  PM Modi said I would feel glad to work together but Sharad Pawar said we have a very good bond and a friendship but I think we should not work together in the politics.
PM Narendra Modi tried to convince Sharad Pawar but he said its not about going hand in hand we have a good bond and we should keep it.
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