Visit ‘Oye BC’ Today for Lip Smacking-Pocket Friendly-Original Delhi Style Food in Pune


Richa Pandya

Indians have historically valued pure, freshly cooked and homemade meals. People might still be debating the structure of the earth but what is left undebatable is that a good meal is capable of turning a bad day into a good one. We have brought you such a kind of eatery recently started in your own city, Pune!

Run by a couple Anita and Amit Mallick, Oye BC (Bhole Chature) is Delhi Style Food Eatery situated in Balewadi High-Street. The eatery is started few months back which offers scrumptious Delhi style Food. For more details, you can reach owner on 7385587033. Anita is a baker and Amit is an IT Professional. Leaving a job offering him huge package and great opportunities in IT, Amit is serving a notice period to follow his passion of cooking. Similar to his husband, Anita also left her job at Wipro to start her own baking business named Bellemorsi which provides chemical-free customised cakes which you have to order 1 or 2 days in advance. It was a 9 years long dream which finally comes true for them.

What makes Oye BC Different from other Eateries?

When we talk about Chhole Bhature or any North Indian food, the first thing comes to mind is a heavy and oily food. Amit and Anita wanted to change this perception. That’s how they come up with Zero Oil / Butter / Ghee Chhole. Even though the Bhatura is a deep fried item, it doesn’t soak much oil. Amit has his secret and very unique zero oil recipes for his dishes.

Second thought they had was to provide limited but extremely tasty menu which can create a mark for their business. For example, a customer once having a dish here should only come to them to have that dish again. They must be satisfied with every rupee they are paying.

Even though it is situated in Balewadi High-Street, a very posh area and party place of the city, rates for all dishes at Oye BC are extremely pocket friendly which makes it more attractive.

Oye BC cares for environment and so they believes in using only Sal leaf plates so that it doesn’t impact environment.

Quality and hygiene is their top priority. So unlike other restaurants, they have kept their kitchen open so that people can see what they cook and how they cook.

Food :

Chhole Bhature : Healthy zero Oil chhole with light fluffy bhatura, crispy outside and soft from inside. Bhature here are light and less on oily side.

Daal Makhni : Unlike other restaurants, Oye BC follows some of traditional and their secret techniques to prepare Daal Makhni. It takes hours to pepare authentic Punjabi flavoured Daal Makhni that’s the reason you need to taste it before it gets out of stock at Oye BC. Most of the restaurants prepare it in refined oil but Oye BC has their own secret recipe which will wow your taste buds.

Kulchas : Kulchas here is not the usual tandoor Kulcha but prepared with their very own recipe which has a soft texture made on Tawa and not market brought breads. They only have delicious verities of Kulcha, one stuffed with potatoes, second stuffed with melting cheese and another stuffed with paneer.  Kulchas here are flaky, crisp, lightly spiced stuffed with paneer filling being served with creamy and Buttery Daal Makhani or Chhole and they are made in only ghee.

Soya Chap : Very common in street of Delhi. In Pune, you usually get it prepared with barbeque which is not the authentic Delhi style Soya Chap. At Oye BC, you can treat yourself an original Delhi style Soya Chap cooked in healthy Gravy.

Apart from above mentioned items, they have varieties of Paratha and Rice Combos.

Breakfast Menu:

Oye BC is recently opened for breakfast. They have 2 delicious options as of now for breakfast:

  1. Bedmi Puri (Crispy Spicy Puri) with extremely tasty Langar wale Aloo ki sabji / Chhole / Soya Chap.
  2. Paneer Chilla, Aloo Chilla, and Plain Chilla.

    Best part of meal you have here is after eating you won’t feel heavy. One more point worth mentioning is their Chole/Dal Makhani are slowly cooked for hours and made in bulk twice daily. So make sure you go early to get one for yourself as they run out of stock so early.

If you are fond of typical Delhi Style Food : Do visit Oye BC… !!!

Address :
Oye BC, Spot 16, Survey No. 16,
Opposite Siemens Gate No. 1,

Balewadi High Street Road,
Balewadi, Pune – 411045.

Google Map :

Contact Number : 7385587033

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