50% of Women Committed to a Relationship Keeps a ‘Backup Partner’ Ready


 Pune : Policenama Online – There are many new researches related to the relationship gets conducted and based on them many surprising revelations also come out. Recently a unique study based on relationship was done. According to this study, about 50 percent of the women currently in a relationship also think about the plan after the breakup. This means keeping a backup partner for the next relationship despite being in a relationship with the existing partner. Even if you don’t agree with this, it is true. The research was done on women of Western countries.

1000 women included in the survey

The survey was conducted by OnePol, a marketing research company specialized in online and mobile polling. One thousand women of United Kingdom were included in this survey. Out of this, 50 percent of the participants (married and unmarried women) admitted that they keep their backup plan i.e. another partner ready despite being in a relationship with one man. If a breakup occurs in the current relationship, she goes to her backup partner.

Women already keep Plan B ready

Among the survey participants, 50% admitted that when they are in a relationship, plans are made in their minds to deal with the situation after the breakups in relationship. She also prepares Plan B to execute after the breakup. This study has also revealed that married woman usually have more care for other man than live-in women.

Backups are friends or cognizant

According to this study, in most cases, an old friend who understands the feelings of the woman is chosen as a backup partner. He can also be an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. Not only this, there can be an associate working in the office or a friend in the gym.

Significant results

One in 10 women involved in the research said that despite being in the current relationship, she had already told her backup partner about her feelings. 4 out of 10 women were attracted to another man while in a relationship or they thought about Plan B. Not only this, according to 12 percent women, they feel more emotional for the backup partner than the current partner.

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