Center on Article 370 : ‘It is not possible to withdraw the decision now’


Policenama Online – The Central Government clearly stated in in Supreme Court that Jammu and Kashmir could be included in the Indian Union by the removal of Article 370 and it is not possible to withdraw this decision now. The central government also said that autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir was temporary, India is a union of states.

On August 5 last year, during a hearing before the bench of five judges of the Supreme Court on petitions challenging the central government’s decision to abolish special status of Jammu and Kashmir by removing Article 370, Attorney General of the Central Government KK Venugopal argued this.

Giving the example of Jammu and Kashmir, Venugopal said, “The aim of unification of Indian states is to maintain the integrity of the country.” At the same time, the Attorney General cited VP Menon’s book which described the split between Pakistan and Maharaja Hari Singh and Pakistan.

He said that the agreement between Pakistan and Maharaja was violated. Pak-trained tribesmen were sent to battle in trucks and attempted to annex the kingdom. Due to this, Hari Singh decided to merge Jammu and Kashmir with India.

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