Ever Wondered Why Doctors’ Handwriting is Bad, Read in Detail to Know


Pune : Policenama Online – While looking at your medical prescription, have you ever wondered that why the handwriting of doctors is so bad? Certainly, we all must have had this idea once or in all. The handwriting of doctors is not only bad, but many times you get confused by reading it. No matter how much you do, but you don’t understand what has been written. It is not necessary that all doctors always have bad handwriting. But it worsens over time in most cases. Do you know why the handwriting of doctors are so bad? Here is answer to your why :

Long and stressful day

Imagine seeing 20 or 50 patients a day. Listening to their illnesses, taking everything into consideration, giving them appropriate medicine. What a stressful job is this? And don’t forget that they also have to look for emergency cases. Hence, a long day and a lot of writing work, due to which his hand gets very tired.

By the end of the day, their handwriting worsens because the muscles of the hand are overworked. Just like when you start writing your paper in the exam, your handwriting is very beautiful and by the time you reach the last page, your handwriting becomes such that it can be very difficult to read because your hands are tired.

Doctors stays in a hurry

If the doctors had too much time for each patient, they could work a little slower and give their hands a little rest. But the truth is that doctors always run from one patient to another because they have to see many. In such a short time, doctors are more concerned about writing more and more information rather than focusing on their handwriting.

They have to write a lot

You think that doctors only have to write your prescription? No, it is not true. Doctors have to write a lot more in their entire life than any other work. For example, if you have ever noticed that the doctors write every little thing that you say, which they keep as proof of your medical history.

Because of the specific terminology

The doctors’ specific terminology is responsible for their poor handwriting. For example, you have to write epididymitis without a computer spell check. It is just a word. There are many technical terms and it is not possible to remember all the spellings. And sometimes it happens that there are some words which are fully known to medical experts but these words confuse you. But in most cases your pharmacist knows what the words written by your doctor mean.

Ask for an electronic prescription

But sometimes by small mistake the whole meaning changes like mg and mcg. So now doctors are moving towards electronic records to reduce mistakes. At some places, hand-written prescription has become illegal.

You will be surprised to know that according to the data received from 2006, about 7000 deaths occur every year due to wrong prescription. We do not know whether this figure has decreased over time. So be careful and ask your doctor for a printed prescription.

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