Nirbhaya Case : Jail Administration is Spending Rs. 50,000 a Day on Accused


New Delhi: Policenama Online –  Rs. 50,000 a day on Nirbhaya killers. The charges began to spend from the same day the court issued a death warrant to hang them.

32 guards have been deployed outside the cell in which they are kept The culprits of the Nirbhaya case are trying all sorts to avoid the death penalty.Tihad jail administration, on the other hand, has to spendfor security. Security Guard shifts are being changed every two hours. So that they can relax and keep a close eye on the perpetrators while on duty.

Thus 8 security guards are keeping an close eye on each prisoner during 24 hours. After the death warrant, the perpetrators need to be monitored 24 hours a day to avoid committing suicide. A two-hour shift is planned for each guard. CCTV cameras are also constantly being monitored.

The executioner will be summoned on January 30, considering the new date of February 1 for the execution. So that the trial can be taken a day before the execution.

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