Remember the Grandpa from MDH Ad? His Salary will Shock You!


Mumbai, Policenama Online –  You may have seen advertisements for many products on TV. If you have paid attention to the advertisement of MDH, then you will surely remember this grandfather. Real name of these grandfather, who is seen in the advertisement of MDH, is ‘Mahashay Dharampal Gulati’.

Dharampal Gulati owns MDH, the largest spices company, and without him, no product of MDH is advertised.  Dharmapal Gulati is also known as ‘Masala king’. He runs his company at the age of 96 with the same passion he started many years ago.

Dharmapal Gulati has studied only till the fifth standard. He initially wanted to try and succeed in a different business than his father’s spice business. For this, he tried his hand in many types of business while living in Sialkot but he could not succeed in any.

Today, at the age of 96, he gets a salary of 21 crore rupees only from the spices’ business. Dharampal Gulati is the highest paid CEO in Indian spices market.

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