Nirbhaya Case : ‘Dirty Truth’ of Nirbhaya’s friend, which everyone should know

New Delhi : Policenama Online –  The black night that shook the world 8 years ago, is alive to this day, and the culprits of Nirbhaya Case are still alive and playing every tricks to avoid their death penalty.
Everyone knows that the friend of Nirbhaya, Avanindra was travelling in the same bus with her at that night. Avanindra did such an act that stigmatized friendship. A journalist revealed that Nirbhaya’s friends asked for money from the TV channel to tell the whole incident that night.

Tarnished the friendship


A journalist revealed this and wrote that he wanted to show the truth of ‘Nirbhaya rape case’ on his channel.  He gave responsibility to one of his reporters, but only then came to know that Avanindra was demanding thousands of rupees to go to the studio. Then he did a sting operation to reveal Avanindra’s truth.
The reporter spoke to Avanindra’s uncle over phone, during which Avanindra’s uncle asked for Rs. 1 lakh for visiting studio, but this deal was fixed at Rs. 70 thousand.
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