Careful! Even Without OTP, Hackers have a Way to Steal Money from your Account


Pune :  Policenama Online –  Online fraudsters are now asking the Aadhar card number to prepare a clone and carry out the fraud.

Hackers steals money without OTP
Till some time, thugs used to be bank workers or asking ATM details and OTP. But now they have a new way and without OTP number, they are able to steal money from your accounts.

Take these precautions
– Do not show your friend list on Facebook.

– If you receive a message asking for money through Facebook Messenger, do not immediately transfer money to the user. Please confirm with the person concerned.

– If the Facebook account gets hacked, immediately put a post about account being hacked. Also, file a report with the police station.

– If the bank account or Paytm phone caller from unknown numbers on mobile asks for the Aadhaar card number, then disconnect the phone right away.

Thugs spreading the trap through Facebook
People are also being trapped in fraud through Facebook. These hackers hack any Facebook ID and asks relatives and friends to send money to their accounts.


Everyone be cautious
Everyone should be alert for online fraud. Do not tell Aadhaar card, ATM card and OTP number to any person. Do not download the app by clicking any such link on mobile. If the link is clicked by mistake, inform the police immediately.

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