Do You Know the Full form of ARMY? 99 out of 100 people don’t Know


New Delhi: Policenama Online – India has the second largest army in the world

India is the first country in the world who had organized the army, today China has the largest army in the whole world. China has 1.6 million troops and India has about 1,129,000 active soldiers and the second largest army of 9,60,000 reserve personnel.
The Indian Army, one of the world’s most dangerous armies, is known for its bravery.

Literal meaning of army

The word Army is derived from the Latin language Armata, which means Armed Force. An army is an organized force that fights on the ground.

What is the full for of ARMY

The full name of the army is Alert Regular Mobility Young. This means that an army of youth who keep an eye on every action and if needed, can also be sent from one place to another. ARMY is an important part of every country because in difficult times this army works to keep the countrymen safe.

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