Bollywood’s Top Sex Symbol, Expert of Giving Bold Scenes was Beaten by Husband!


Mumbai : Policenama Online –  Zeenat Amaan who won the Miss Asia Pacific crown in 1970, completed her studies from Los Angeles and began her career in modeling. Zeenat started her film career with a small role in O. P. Ralhan’s film ‘Hulchul’.  Initially, some of Zeenat’s films failed to make a mark on the silver screen, but later the actress made her mark as Bollywood’s famous sex symbol.  Zeenat’s popularity was so high in the 70s that she appeared on the cover pages of almost every Hindi magazine.

Along with the film success, Zeenat also faced controversies. She was criticized in the film industry for giving bold scenes in many films. Her personal life was also not pleasant.  Affair and the incident of assault with Sanjay Khan was discussed in Bollywood.

It is said that Zeenat and Sanjay Khan had an affair. But Sanjay Khan was already married and had three children.  In 1980, Zeenat met Sanjay on the set of the film ‘Abdullah’ in Jaisalmer, where their affair began.

It is well-known in the film industry that Sanjay and Zeenat got married, but some sources deny it. A few days later, Sanjay’s first wife, Zarin, came to know about the affair of the two, after which the lives of the three were mired in controversies.

The dispute between Zeenat and Sanjay is said to have increased so much, due to which the two split up. It is also said that one day during an extended quarrel, Sanjay assaulted Zeenat, causing great injuries to her face. Zeenat’s poor eye is reportedly the result of Sanjay’s violence. However, it has never been confirmed how Zeenat’s eye has actually got injured.

Zeenat married Mazhar Khan in 1985 and they also had two children. The relationship between Mazhar and Zeenat was also not very good.  It is said that Mazhar used to fight a lot with Zeenat, due to which Zeenat got divorced from Mazhar.  Mazhar Khan died in September 1998.

The controversies of Zeenat’s films are no less.  B. R. Chopra directed film Insaf Ka Tarazu was in a lot of controversy due to the bold scenes.  The film starred Zeenat Aman and Raj Babbar, Padmini Kolhapuri. Dharmendra was also in guest appearances in the film. Although the film was not got into any controversy due to Zeenat, but the rape scene of Padmini Kolhapuri shown in it created a lot of debates.

‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ is a well-known film.  Along with controversies, the film also earned several awards. The film was also banned for some time due to Zeenat Aman’s provocative dress and the film’s bold love kissing scenes.

The film ‘Manoranjan’ directed by Shammi Kapoor was also in a lot of controversy.  The film was based on prostitution, depicting prostitution as a ‘fun activity’ and bypassing morality. Zeenat played a prostitute in this film.

Zeenat Aman’s name was also linked with former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan.

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