Corona Virus : British Citizen Claims – Corona Virus Cured with Hot Whiskey and Honey

New Delhi : Policenama Online – The deadly corona virus in China has killed 490 people so far. Many patients are battling between life and death in the hospital. No country has yet found a cure for corona virus.  However, scientists in Australia are doing some experiments. Amidst all this, a person living in Wuhan has claimed that he had corona virus and he got treatment with alcohol, honey.  Connor Reed, who works as an English teacher in Wuhan, has claimed this.
According to ‘The Sun’ report, Reed suffered from flu and pneumonia.  When he went to investigate, he was also coughing there. Connor was hospitalized for two weeks, although he did not take anti-biotics given by doctors.
He claimed that he used his inhaler to help him breathe. Along with this, he also told ‘The Sun’ that he had hot whiskey with honey. He has been living in Wuhan for 3 years. People here are barely getting out of their homes. He also said that the police is arresting people coming out without masks.
In China, the death toll from the deadly corona virus rose to 490 and 24,324 cases have been confirmed. China National Health Commission said that 65 people died on Tuesday and all of them were from Hubei province and its capital Wuhan.
The commission said that 3,887 new cases have also been confirmed on Tuesday. 431 patients are seriously ill.  At the same time, 262 have been discharged from the hospital after treatment. The commission said that the condition of 3,219 people is critical and 23,260 people are feared to be infected with the virus.
He told that a total of 892 people have so far been discharged from the hospital after treatment. By Tuesday, 18 cases had been confirmed in Hong Kong and one person had also died.
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