A journey to the indigenous craft of Kutch


New Delhi, Policenama Online – A three-day exhibition of curated textile and non-textile craft from Kutch will be organised in the national capital, starting February 14 at the Aga Khan Hall, 6, Bhagwan Das Road. Artisanal sarees, handloom and printed fabrics, bags and accessories, lifestyle products, art panels, home furnishings from Kutch region will be on display and sale. The event also includes ethnic embroideries from more than 14 ethnic communities of Kutch. The hard material crafts (3D crafts) includes traditional lac-tuned-wood craft from Kutch’s semi-nomadic Vadha community. The melodic metal bells tuned by Luhar artisans with their skills to add melodious tunes. They are also bringing the artistic and hand crafted leather craft products made by Kutchi Meghwal craftsmen.The artisans have used recycled plastic to craft products of daily use such as school bags, carry bags, file folders, floor covers, diary covers through plastic weaving.

The distinctive block prints of Ajrakh and unique centuries-old Block printed and hand painted Batik, Bandhni (tie dye) will be brought to Delhi for sale. There will be an exquisite handloom items such as the Kutch weave, kala cotton, carpets, rugs, Tangalia weave items crafted using a 700 years old traditional hand-weaving technique, and desi wool items.Pankaj Shah, Mentor, Kutch Craft Collective (KCC), organiser of the event, said: “Organisations of Kutch Craft Collective were quick to realise a collaborative network can have a greater scope and impact in building a sustainable livelihood for artisans. All the craft organisations under KCC share common vision, values and roots.” Amiben Shroff of Shrujan, Mentor KCC, said: “We are happy to see what began as initiatives to support the traditional crafts and artisans in distress, has taken the shape of a full-fledged social enterprise. We take pride in the fact that our efforts have enabled second generation of artisans to continue with these traditional methods of earning a livelihood as a viable option rather than option for more lucrative modern jobs.”

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