Coronavirus’ Fear in All Over the World, Swine Flu in India, 10 Killed

Meerut : Policenama Online – Coronavirus, which has taken the form of an epidemic in China, is now spreading worldwide. Fear is being seen in the name of Coronavirus. Suspects have been feared in many countries including China.
According to separate reports, the death toll in China from the deadly coronavirus has reached 2000.  However, India has achieved great success on Coronavirus.  But, the number of swine flu patients is increasing here.
According to a report by the Union Health Ministry, since January 1, the highest number of 132 cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu, while the fourth is the capital Delhi, where 43 patients were admitted to hospitals. In January, the maximum number of 40 patients in Delhi has been found to have swine flu.  According to the report, 437 swine flu patients have been found in the country.
Of these, 10 people have died. Most patients are found in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Delhi.  Information is not being sent by West Bengal to the Center regarding the swine flu. Patients have also died in Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
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