5 Reasons Why Online Betting is full of Entertainment


The 21st Century is the era of Netflix, Kindle and ESPN. People from all around the world crave for their preferred mode of entertainment to relax amidst their daily grind. Gambling has always been a significant part of the entertainment industry where players could not only unwind but also earn a considerable amount of money while doing so. 


With the arrival of online betting, this mode of entertainment has become even more convenient and lucrative. For every person looking to make a quick buck, it is probably the quickest and most exciting means to do so.


There are several reasons why punters consider online betting to be full of entertainment. They are;


1) Huge Range of Options:

With the huge surge in popularity of online betting, websites dedicated to the same have also increased manifold. Online betting websites offer many types of betting games for players to choose from, according to their preferences.



  • Online Card Games:



Online card games have become hugely popular in the past few years.

The most played card game is Poker. Some seasoned poker players have even started earning their livelihood from this online game. Then there is Rummy, one of India’s most played card games.


Also popular are games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, etc.


  • Online Slot Games: 



Betting sites like https://www.10cric.com/casino/ also offer many roulette games with elaborate designs and graphics that give the players the look and feel of a casino right at their homes. Punters stand a chance to win jackpots and other attractive prizes from these purely luck-based games. 


  • Online Sports Betting:  



The tech savvy sports enthusiasts of the world have welcomed online sports betting with open arms. With its huge popularity, experts believe that international sports betting today has a market capitalization of $250 billion. Bettors may choose any form of sport from soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis, golf, Formula 1, boxing and many more. There are several trusted bookmaking sites to place the bets as long as bettors analyse the odds carefully before doing so.


  • Fantasy Sports: 



Fantasy sports, one of the most interesting ways to make money online, have also gained a huge number of followers. Players form a virtual team consisting of their favourite players from the sport and get rewarded according to how each of them performs in the real matches. For example, if a fantasy sports player formed a team with Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma as chasers for the final ODI against Australia, on January 19, 2020, he was in for a big win 


Online betting websites also offer live versions of popular games which give bettors a chance to interact with fellow bettors while playing.


2) Legal Status:


The laws regarding gambling are very different across the world. In India, betting is illegal in most states. In many countries like the USA, gambling is legal but very heavily regulated. However, online betting is legal in most parts of the world. This is great news for bettors everywhere.


In order to ensure a smooth and safe online casino experience for the players, the bookmaking sites must acquire proper licenses issued by authorities like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC), etc and abide by the international guidelines set by them. 


3) Safety:


Thanks to the rules set by international gaming authorities, punters need not worry about sharing their personal information and deposit money with online book-making sites. Additionally, it has been noticed that odds offered by these websites are usually better than those offered by third party agents, thus offering higher potential returns. 


4) Earnings: 


While being a mode of entertainment, online betting also provides an avenue for extra earnings. Moreover, they even offer certain added benefits. For example, to draw in new customers, they offer many promotional bonuses like welcome bonus, zero- deposit bonus or a free spin. They also provide incentives to regular players by giving them gifts and offers. This makes online betting much more profitable than other modes of betting. 


5) Convenience:


One of the most important features of online betting is its convenience. A player sitting in India can enjoy a virtual casino experience without having to visit Las Vegas or Marina Bay. While watching a match if somebody feels sure of an event that is about to take place in it, he/she can simply log in to a bookmaking site and place the bet accordingly.


Online betting offers the excitement of gambling along with attractive pay-outs, all in the comfort of your own house and in your leisure hours. If this isn’t the epitome of entertainment, then what is? 


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