The Basic Strategy for Blackjack Beginners


Policenama Online : If you are a casino-goer who likes to play card games, then Blackjack is not a new name for you. This game needs a unique table to play, with a pack of 52 cards. Instead of playing against other players, the game is more about playing against the dealer. Blackjack generally does not consider the suits of the cards, except in its variations.


Basics Blackjack strategy for beginners

As a beginner,its important to understand and remember some basic terms to have an excellent Blackjack experience. Here are some common Blackjack terms and their meanings.


  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2: As you know, Blackjack is a card game where each player gets two cards. If your hand totals 21, you are automatically a winner. A Push is when the dealer also has a Blackjack, where you neither win nor lose. However, if the dealer doesn’t have a total of 21, you win the game and a chance to get a 3 to 2 payout. Many online and on-land casinos offer a 6 to 5 payout instead of a 3 to 2.


  • Hitting: This occurs when you take an additional card to strengthen your score. An element of risk is always attached to hitting because by drawing an extra card, if your total exceeds 22, you will lose the game.


  • Standing: You may also choose to keep the cards you have as your hand and not take any extra card. This is called standing. A little risk is attached to this situation as well because the dealer may have a better hand than you and may win.


  • Splitting: The word is self-explanatory. When your two cards are of the same rank, and you think of splitting them into two hands, it is known as splitting. You can go further and place an additional bet that entitles you to get two more cards. These two hands of two cards each are independent of each other and pay off independently.


  • Doubling down: Making an additional bet to take an extra card is called doubling down.


  • Surrendering: Again, the word speaks for itself. It is to give up half of your bet and drop out of the hand.


  • Insurance pays 2 to 1: While playing Blackjack, you are always anticipating the dealer’s hand. Insurance is an extra bet on whether the dealer has a Blackjack or not.


The scoring pattern

Like in any other card game, there are certain scoring parameters in Blackjack as well. These scores stand as follows:


Ace: 1 or 11 points

Face cards: 10 points

All other cards: Face value.


Any hand which has a total score of 22 or higher is a dead hand. It is also called a bust.


Blackjack strategy for first-timers:


If you are a new casino goer and wish to have the upper hand in Blackjack, you must make your policy thoroughly. Keep these points in mind while making a strategy:


  • It is essential to learn the basic rules of the game and build your plan accordingly. Some Basic Strategy Charts that are customised for explicit tables may help you plan a strategy.
  • Try to avoid a 6:5 game. A 3:2 is always preferable.
  • Find the table rules that suit you. The dealer standing on “Soft 17” is ideal.
  • Please stay away from the Martingale Betting System as it requires you to double your bet on losing.
  • Lower stakes do not always lead to lower losses.
  • Do not opt for insurance.
  • Don’t go doubling your soft hand just because the dealer is showing a 5 or 6.
  • Don’t let your emotions rule you. Make logical bets.
  • If you are playing to pass your spare time, select a full table as the game will be rather slow.
  • You are winning or losing only because of your game and luck. It has nothing to do with the trend of the table.
  • Even if you have enough funds, do not bet all you have on one bet. You may need some for splitting or doubling your hand.
  • Always split Aces and 8’s
  • It is advisable to check your dealer’s up card before taking any action.
  • Set a cap on your betting.

Blackjack is among the best games a casino offers. It is easy to learn, full of excitement, a great pastime and offers excellent odds of winning at a casino. For more information on Blackjack strategies, check out online casino gaming review sites. Look at what other players are saying and devise a plan accordingly.

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