Flipkart Takes ‘This’ Big Step on 21-Day Lockdown


Mumbai : E-commerce website Flipkart has also taken a big step on the 21-day lockdown. Flipkart has temporarily suspended its services in India because of Corona. The company gave its information on its app. Flipkart has also given a message as well. The message said that ‘Hello Indians, we are temporarily suspending our services. These is difficult time, not like other times. Never before communities had to be isolated to be safe. Never before the staying at home had meant helping the nation. We urge you to stay home to be safe.’


These services will continue in the 21-day lockdown –

According to a report, it has been said that fair price shops and shops related to food, groceries, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, animal feed will remain open. Banks, insurance offices, print and electronic media will be open as per the guidelines. In this, food, medicines, medical equipment through e-commerce are also exempted from the ban.

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