39 New Cases of Coronavirus in China, 2 Died


New Delhi : On Monday, 39 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in China, the country from which the coronavirus spread across the world, and Of these, there are 38 cases that have reached China from other countries. There are also reports of 2 deaths due to coronavirus in China on Monday. Coronavirus was spread from China itself, it was said that this virus has been controlled by China in some way, but on Monday, 39 new cases and death of 2 people have increased the concern about Coronavirus in China.

The first case of coronavirus in China came in December last year and since then, there have been a total of 81708 cases in which 3331 people have also died. However, there are 77078 people who have been completely cured of coronavirus infection in China. And now there are only 1299 active cases left.

The coronavirus has spread from China to the whole world and has caused the most devastation in the west. The United States has seen the highest number of infections due to this virus, where so far 3.37 lakh cases have been reported, after the US, 1.32 lakh cases have been reported in Spain, 1.29 lakh cases in Italy and more than 1 lakh cases in Germany. France is also rapidly moving towards 1 lakh cases. So far, 12.74 lakh cases of corona virus have been reported worldwide.

More than 69 thousand people have died due to Corona virus in the whole world, most people have died in Italy, where 15887 deaths have been recorded, after this, 12641 people have died in Spain, 9617 in America and 8078 in France.

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