This Landlord Waives the Rent of 50 Workers, Getting Food for Them, Requests Not to Leave House


Noida : The worst effect due to coronavirus is seen on poor laborers and people who are living on rent. Many people have lost their earning. Due to this, they are now unable to pay their rent on time. These laborers are not even able to buy food. But a landlord who has waived the rent of 50 people is proving to be no less than a god.




Kushal Pal, who lives in Barola area of Uttar Pradesh (Noida), has waived the rent of all his tenants. 50 tenants live in Kushal Pal’s house. Every month, Kushal Pal receives one and a half lakh rupees as rent. All the tenants of Kushal Pal were working their daily wages. But now they don’t even have food to eat, due to which Kushal Pal has given them this facility. Kushal Pal is also getting food for them so that the tenants do not have to starve. They have told all tenants that you should not leave your house and stay here

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