Coronavirus India : Total Patients 5916, 180 Deaths So Far


New Delhi : The number of coronavirus patients has reached 5916. 149 people have died due to this virus. After treatment, 410 people have become healthy so far. Ministry of Health informed about this. He said that 773 Corona positive cases were reported in the last one day and 32 people died in a single day yesterday. The Ministry said that there will be no shortage of hydroxychloroquine in the country if necessary. It was informed by the government that test of total 1,21,271 people have been done so far to detect coronavirus infection.

Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Lav Agarwal said that we want to monitor COVID-19 at the country level. So under the same Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched a training module for COVID-19 Management named Integrated Government Online Training Portal. This portal is related to the initiation platform. Through this platform doctors, nurses, paramedics as well as state officials, civil defense officers, volunteers of NCC, NSS and Red Cross Society and front-line workers will be provided the necessary resources.

The government said that attention is being paid to avoid infection in hospitals and measures are being taken to prevent it, so that health workers are not infected with the coronavirus. A spokesman for the Health Ministry said that cases of coronavirus infection are increasing in the country, so our response and preparation is being speeded up accordingly. He informed that registered building construction workers in 31 states / union territories have been given relief amount of 1000 and 6000 rupees from building and other construction workers welfare fund. More than 2 crore workers have been given an amount of about 3000 crores.

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