Big Revelation in Pakistan Plane Crash Incident Which Took Lives of 97 People

New Delhi : A major plane crash took place in Karachi, Pakistan on Friday. The aircraft had 91 passengers and eight to ten crew members. Two passengers survived unimaginably in this plane crash, while the rest of the passengers and crew members died. Now a big thing has come out about this plane crash. In fact, the pilot driving the aircraft ignored the warning given by the Air Traffic Control. ATC warned the pilot about the speed and height of the aircraft, which the pilot ignored. Aircraft number A320 flew from Lahore to Karachi, but it fell and crashed in a residential area about 3-4 kilometers far from the airport in Karachi.

Of the 99 people in the plane, 97 were killed, while two passengers survived. The aircraft took off at 1.05 pm and was scheduled to land at Jinnah International Airport Karachi at 2.30 pm. But before landing, the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet above the ground in Makkali area, while the aircraft was to be flying at a height of 7000 feet.

ATC had at this time warned the pilot to reduce the height of the aircraft. But instead of reducing the height of the aircraft, the pilot said that he is satisfied with it.

Ignored the warning
When the aircraft was just 10 nautical miles from Karachi Airport, ATC issued another warning about the aircraft’s altitude. But this time also the pilot said that he is satisfied and will handle the situation, he said that he is ready for landing.

According to the initial report prepared by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft engine hit the ground three times during the first attempt to land on the runway. This caused friction in the plane and spark. The PM had expressed the sadness that this plane was going from Lahore to Karachi and crashed in Jinnah Garden area near Model Colony in Malir. A number of houses caught fire as the plane fell. After which huge smoke was seen.

On this accident, Pakistan PM Imran Khan said, I am shocked to hear about the accident. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed grief over this accident and paid tribute to those who died.

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