Country’s Youngest Corona Patient Recovered Within 3 Days, Quarantined at Home

New Delhi : The country’s youngest corona-positive patient admitted to Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital has been discharged from the hospital after zero symptoms of corona. This five-day-old innocent is described as the youngest corona patient in the country. He is currently quarantined at home.

In fact, on 13 May, a pregnant corona victim in the hospital gave birth to a baby boy. Dr. Tapas and other doctors examined the child five days later on May 18, when he was confirmed to have corona infection. Doctors kept the child with precaution. Doctors say that when a child of just five days got corona infection, we took care and now the child is absolutely healthy.

Doctors told that the child is with family at home. There, the child is asked to breastfeed with caution. The hospital team calls twice a day asks about the health of child. Child is healthy. We will get the child checked again after 14 days, says hospital team.

Dr. Rahul Chaudhary said that according to the research that has just come out, children are less at risk from corona than adults. According to a research, the amount of COVID-19 receptor ACE2 is very low in the epithelial tissues present in the nose of children. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai, US, have found that SARS-COV-2 uses the receptor ACE2 to enter any living body.

This child of a resident of Patel Nagar, Delhi may have been infected by corona infection but no symptoms were found inhim. Dr. Rahul Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Department of Newborn Diseases of RML Hospital, said that this child neither had fever nor any other symptoms. Other investigative reports of the child, except for corona infection, also came normal. After this we discharged the child from the hospital.

Many research has found that the virus of COVID-19 does not go to the lungs of the children but is stays in the upper parts i.e. mouth, throat and they have minor complaints like cough. This is the reason why the symptoms of corona in children do not appear like adults and neither virus causes death in them.

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