Shramik Special Train’s Condition : 30-Hour’s Journey But Train Took 4 Days, No Food – No Water Between Train Halts

New Delhi : Hundreds of Shramik Special Trains are being run daily for the migrant laborers, but some of these trains are such, which are reaching their destination very late. The condition is that the journey of 30 hours is being completed in 4 days. On the way, laborers are troubled due to hunger, thirst and heat. Patience of workers is breaking and they are being forced to create a ruckus.

Actually, the train going from Delhi to Motihari in Bihar reached Samastipur in four days, while the journey is just 30 hours. The workers say that they have been given a ticket to Motihari and the train has been moving them around for the last 4 days. People say that they wants to return home in times of trouble and now this journey has also become a problem.

Birth of a child on a platform

The train, which left from Delhi for Motihari, reached Samastipur in four days, when the woman in the train started suffering from labor, she was taken off the train. The situation was that the woman gave birth to a baby girl on the platform without any medical facility. Meanwhile, after getting the information, the senior DCM of the railway in his car reached to take the woman to the hospital.

36 hours journey took 70 hours

Gagan, a passenger of a train that reached Samastipur, says that he caught the train in Pune on 22 May and the train reached Samastipur in the afternoon on 25 May, moving from Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal. Similarly, Dharmendra tells that he caught the train in Pune. The train reached Samastipur after 70 hours wandering the entire India. While the journey takes only 36 hours.

Neither food nor water… Workers troubled

Another passenger told that the station at which the train stopped would halt for about 2-3 hours. In the meantime, he neither received food nor water. In this intense heat, troubled passengers have been angry in many places.

Railways gave this reason

When the train is late, Saraswati Chandra, Senior DCM, Samastipur Rail Division, says that many trains are running irregularly, because the path (track) is not empty. Some trains have run at short notice. Due to this, trains are getting late. We are trying to ensure that trains do not be late in our division.

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