Pakistan Plane Crash : 30 Million Found From Plane Wreck, All Stunned, Investigated will Go On

Karachi : Nearly 30 million rupees in cash have been recovered from the crash of Pakistan International Airlines plane that crashed few days ago. Regarding the case, an official said that investigators and rescue officials have found about 30 million of different countries from the plane wreck. Rescue official further said that orders have been given to investigate how such huge amounts of cash were withdrawn despite airport security and baggage scanners. Two bags have been found in the debris from which this amount was recovered. The process of identification of dead bodies and their belongings is going on.

After identification, the belongings will be handed over to the relatives of the passengers. According to the official, 47 bodies out of 97 have been identified. 43 bodies have been handed over to family. It may be noted that the Airbus A320 aircraft going from Lahore to Karachi crashed in a residential area near Jinnah International Airport last Friday, killing 97 people.

In addition, a team of foreign experts have discovered the cockpit voice recorder from the wreckage. An 11-member team of foreign experts visited the scene on Thursday and discovered the cockpit voice recorder which would be an important evidence in the investigation. The team also included representatives from Airbus Company. A cockpit voice recorder is a device that records and preserves the audio signals of the pilot’s headset’s microphone and earphones. It is helpful in checking accidents.

Pakistan’s Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the preliminary inquiry report on the accident will be presented before Parliament on 22 June. He said that the investigation will be done in an independent and impartial manner and nothing will be kept confidential. Whoever is found guilty will be held accountable.

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