TRUTH of DANGEROUS VIRAL VIDEO : After Using Sanitizer to Clean the Car, Can It Explode? Know the Truth…


New Delhi : A very frightening claim is being made on social media about the use of sanitizer inside the car. Not only the claim, the video has also been shared with the claim in which the car is seen to be blasted after the use of sanitizer.

In a one-minute viral video, the person sitting in the car alternately appears to be cleaning the car. First he cleans the car gate. Then cleans the steering of the car with sanitizer. He then sprays the sanitizer onto the gear and the car seat. Finally, he takes out the car key from his pocket and applies sanitizer well on it and as soon as the car starts, it blasts.

What is the truth of the video?
This viral video is fake. Explosion shot has been added separately by editing the video. But still there is a question in the minds of the people, can it really cause a fire? A message that increases fear is also circulating on WhatsApp.

The message is claimed, ‘A car caught fire on Outer Ring Road in Delhi. The car rider started by spraying the sanitizer on the key. Driver did not even get a chance to escape and the car rider Arvind was burnt alive. If the expert believes, never sanitize the car from inside.

Can a sanitizer really cause a fire
Viral on social media, this claim was intimidating to every person using the car. The claim was being given by the expert, so to know the truth of the claim, the leading news media first reached out to the auto expert Raj Kapoor.

Can a key set fire to a sanitizer? In response to this question, auto expert Raj Kapoor said, whether there may be a blast or not, there is no strong evidence on that. If you pour the ignition switch in sanitizer and then turn it on-or-off, then it sparks. As much as the sanitizer has gone in it, there may be fire. But the car cannot explode.

Dr. Ajay Bhagi, a professor of chemistry at Dayal Singh College, Delhi University, also denied the blast claim and said to keep caution. The professor said, “If the bottle is not closed properly, then due to the heat in the car, it can cause air in the car. But it would be wrong to say that there will be a fire in it. Until a flame comes in contact, there cannot be fire. One need to be careful but there is no need to fear and panic.”

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