Soon your mobile number will be 11 digits, know the full news


NEW DELHI : Telecom Regulatory of India on Friday proposed the use of 11-digit mobile number in the country. According to TRAI, by changing the 10 digit mobile number to 11 digit mobile number, more numbers can be made available in the country.

It is said in the proposal that if the first digit of the mobile is kept to 9, then the switch to the mobile number of 10 to 11 digits will lead to a total capacity of 1000 crore numbers in the country. With existing policy, up to 700 crores, connections are enough. With this, TRAI has said to put 0 in front of the mobile number while making a call from the fixed-line. Presently, the inter-service area from fixed-line connection has to be applied 0 for making mobile calls. While on mobile it is not required.

Along with this, a new national numbering plan has also been suggested. In addition, the mobile number used for dongles has been increased from 10 digits to 13 digits. That is, soon your 10 digits mobile number is going to be 11 digits soon.

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