The bad days of this former Prime Minister, who spoke the language of Pakistan, lost PM post and now….


NEW DELHI : Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad has suffered a setback. He has lost his chair and now he has been shown the way out of the party too. He played a big role in deteriorating relations with India from Malaysia by supporting Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. His party has accused him of violating the constitution and has thrown him out of the party.

It is being told that he was removed from the party, criticizing his decision to sit with the opposition in the house of his country over criticism of India over CAA and Kashmir issue. Mahathir is accused of strongly criticizing India over NRC-CAA. He said that I am sorry to see that India, which claims to be secular, is denying citizenship to some Muslims. People are dying because of this law. What is the need to implement this when all the citizens have been living together for 70 years? India opposed his statement.

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