COVID-19 Recovery Rate Improving in India, Death Rate is Going Down


New Delhi : The Union Health Ministry said on Monday that the rate of recovery from COVID-19 in India is improving and it is currently 48.19 percent and the mortality rate is gradually decreasing and is currently 2.83 percent. With this, the number of coronavirus cases in the country increased to 1,90,535 and the number of dead to 5,394.

In the country, till 7 am on Tuesday, 7722 cases of coronavirus infection and 201 cases of deaths were reported in one day. India has now become the seventh most affected country in the world after US, Brazil, Russia, UK, Spain and Italy. The number of active cases of epidemic in the country at present is 96,997 and 95,754 people have been cured so far. Of these, 3892 people have recovered in the last 24 hours.

“The rate of recovery of COVID-19 in the country is increasing day by day and it has reached 48.19 percent,” Health Ministry said that the rate of recovery from Corona virus was 11.42 percent till April 15, which increased to 26.59 percent by May 3. By May 18, it was 38.29 percent.

The ministry said that there are currently 96,997 active cases of coronavirus in the country which are under better medical surveillance. It said that the country has a mortality rate of 2.83 percent as opposed to 6.19 percent death rate in the world. On 15 April, the death rate was 3.30 percent, which fell to 3.25 by 3 May and further declined to 3.15 percent by 18 May.

The ministry said, “The country may see a gradual decline in mortality. The credit for having a low mortality rate goes to focused surveillance, timely identification of cases and better medical management of cases.” It said, “Two things in particular are visible. On the one hand, the rate of recovery is increasing, on the other hand mortality is decreasing.”

The ministry said that there has been an increase in testing capacity through 472 government and 204 private laboratories (total 676 laboratories) in the country. A total of 38,37,207 samples have been tested so far, while 1,00,180 samples were tested yesterday.

Presenting the death rate for the countries with the most deaths, the ministry said the death rate was 5.92 per cent with 1,01,567 deaths in the US and 14.07 per cent with 38,376 deaths in the UK. Number of deaths in Italy, Spain, France and Brazil is 33,340, 29,043, 28,717 and 27,878 respectively and the death rates are 14.33, 12.12, 19.35 and 5.99 percent respectively. The death rates in Mexico, Germany and Canada are 11.13, 4.68 and 7.80 percent, respectively, with 9,415, 8,500 and 6,996 deaths respectively.

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