PM with 66% approval better than CMs of NDA-ruled states


New Delhi, Policenama Online – India has emerged as the 7th worst coronavirus-hit country, leaving behind France and Germany, yet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is spearheading India’s fight against the pandemic, is popular than his Chief Ministers.According to an IANS CVoter State of the Nation poll on the ranking of Prime Minister, Chief Ministers of NDA ruled states and the central government based on the nett satisfaction ratings in the respective states concludes the PM has an average rating of 65.69.

The combined rating of Chief Ministers of NDA ruled states is 57.36. Modi has the highest satisfaction rating of 93.95 in Himachal Pradesh, whereas the CM has a satisfaction rating of 73.96. Followed by Karnataka, where the PM has a satisfactory rating of 82.5 and the CM has 67.21. In Haryana, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar could manage merely 4.47 votes as compared to the PM’s 51.25.In the all-India nett satisfaction average former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has merely 0.58, and his satisfaction rating is negative in some states like — Haryana, Himachal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand — where the Congress is the leading Opposition party.

Modi has the nett satisfactory rating of 42.99 in comparison with Gandhi in the NDA-ruled states.In the P–CM comparison satisfactory rating, where the latter belong to NDA ruled states, Modi has an overall average of 8.33. Gandhi’s satisfactory rating is -56.78 in the NDA ruled states. In the PM-Rahul Gandhi comparison, Modi has the nett satisfactory rating of 65.11. The comparison rating gains significance in the backdrop of the total case count of coronavirus that has mounted to 1,90,535, and it is apparent that within a few days, the tally will jump past the 2 Lakh figure. There are at least 93,322 active cases while 91,819 people have been cured, and India is witnessing over 8,000 new cases for consecutive days. Recovery rate in the country is 48.19 per cent now, while the death rate docked at 2.83 per cent.

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