White House’s Secret Bunker Where Trump Was Kept Safe, Can Withstand a Nuclear Strike Too, Know More Such Interesting Details

New Delhi : Most of the US states are engulfed in violence after the death of black civilian George Foyd. Things became such that curfew was imposed in many cities including the US capital of Washington to control violence. A large number of protesters gathered in front of the White House, the official residence of US President Trump. To keep President Trump and his family safe, he was taken to a bunker in the White House where he is staying. You will be surprised to know the capacity of this bunker.

Apart from the President and his family, there is complete arrangement for the stay of all the employees in this bunker built in the White House. This bunker is so powerful that if it is attacked with a rocket-missile or even a nuclear bomb, no one will be harmed.

There are several secret tunnels in this bunker, by which the US President is able to go anywhere in any emergency situation. He can reach the offices of any department through this tunnel.

In the bunker of the White House, in addition to the living room, TV, conference room for the President, there is also the command room where he can meet with 16 people at any time.

The five-storey intelligence bunker also has parking and garages for the President’s car where the vehicles of his convoy can be kept safe.

On May 25, a black citizen named George Floyd in the US was unloaded from the car and lobbed on the ground by the police and stabbed his neck with his knee, which later caused his death. After the video of the policeman went viral, there started demonstrations about discrimination. Later violence was also seen at some places.

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