Youth Tied to a Tree & Burnt Alive in Pratapgarh, UP, Had an Affair with a Girl in Village


Lucknow : Some people committed a painful incident on Monday night in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. In Bhujaini village under Fatanpur police station in the district, some people tied a young man to a tree and then burnt him alive with petrol. The young man died on the spot. Fatanpur police station in-charge arrived at the information, his jeep was also burnt by angry villagers. There is a tense atmosphere in the village at the moment.

Ambika Patel (25), son of Ranvijay Patel, resident of Gujaini village of Fatanpur police station area, was recently released from jail. He was accused of making a video viral by implicating a young woman in the village. On the complaint of the victim, the police sent him to jail. It was told that some people reached Ambika’s house on Monday night and forcibly picked him up. Taking him away from the house, they tied him to a tree. After beating fiercely, they poured petrol on him and set him on fire.

Ambika died on the spot due to severe scorching. The villagers became angry as soon as the information was received. On getting the information, the jeep of the in-charge of Fatanpur police station had arrived but his jeep was too set ablaze by the angry villagers. Seeing the situation, police of several police stations were called on the spot.

The villagers were angry because the young man was burnt alive in the village. The police officers also kept watching as for a long time no one could muster the courage to go to the spot.

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