Former US President Joe Biden Formally Secures Democratic Presidential Nomination


New York : Former US Vice President Joe Biden has been announced as the presidential candidate by the Democratic Party. Biden has secured more than 1,991 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. With this, he is expected to compete with the current President Donald Trump for the biggest post in America. Biden’s path was cleared only after Bernie Sanders withdrew his candidacy.

Biden said in a statement on Friday night that it was an honor for me to compete for the nomination with the most talented candidates of the Democratic Party. The former Vice President of the United States said that I am proud to say that we are going to contest the presidential election like a united party. Biden has won primary elections in 7 states. He received the most delegates from Pennsylvania in the election held on Tuesday. He has won elections from Maryland, Indiana, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota.

Bernie Sanders stopped his campaign in April after losing in the Wisconsin primaries, after which Biden was scheduled to be a candidate. Sanders then supported Biden and said, “Today I am finishing my campaign. The campaign may have ended but the struggle for justice will continue. Biden will be the candidate. A gentle man with whom I will work to carry forward our progressive ideas.”

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